Monday, 5 July 2010

All Done & Dusted

Bedroom with Maps ...

Northern Wei Dynasty Tomb figures in a Regency Dome, keeping an eye on the flat and the Guests in the Living Room!
My Steal purchase from Brighton - 1970s Pineapple Lamp.
A complete re-hanging of the pictures...

Vintage Movie Posters in the Kitchen... something to inspire the food!
The Kitchen - Carara Marble and Butle Sink.. Grey Walls courtesy of Farrow and Ball..
Open shelves and glassware.. Yes it needs editing. I know!
Below, 1940s Italian Console Table from the Decorative Fair in Battersea, with Deco Vases and Statues make a discreet welcome in the hallway.
1950/60s Murano Chandelier, courtesy of a cute shop in Rue Haute, Bruxelles.

After Hell of a lot of Dust and not a few tears but worth it (Tears - due to builders smashing some irreplaceable antiques)..