Friday, 4 September 2009

Collecting Pictures

Do you display one or if you have a passion for paintings and live in a flat, do you throw them all together? Do you mix genres? Anyway here is a little Dutch 17th century painting.. Is it lost amongst the others or do you yearn to search it out, study and savour it all the more..


  1. Hello Mr Jones

    It is a lovely painting! Every time I look at it, I spot something else. You feel the ferocity of the waves and wouldn't want to be on the ships or the little boat! Are the 3 men wearing turbans?

    I think that mixing genres can work well, I like several different frames, paintings on a wall it is a feature in itself.

    For future interest, for the past week I having been preparing a post on tall ships, another interest of mine and will include some pictures of beautiful old paintings (unfortunately not belonging to me though!)

    In reply to your question, I think that the Veronica Lake looks good on Siena Miller it does suit her, although I still prefer it on Veronica Lake!

    Thank you posting that painting!

    Have a great weekend

  2. Well spotted. Yes they have turbans or head cloth of some type. The dealer thought it was a genre painting (dutch - 17th century) of ship wreckers trying to draw the ship onto the rocks so they could pillage it when it ran aground. Now I think they are actually trying to rescue the goods and people.. The power of paintings.. so many possibilities.

    Yes I agree Veronica Lake is the Original.. quite iconic. Why did her career not go stratosphere.. a la Bacall?