Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Prints in Putney

This Knitwear designer has a wonderful collection of Art in her hallway. I like the way they are displayed in a row, evenly spaced out with the downlighters bringing out these prints. The Oriental prints are 18th Century Japanese and the ladies are Victorian. Something to make the guest pause, to entertain and to amuse, just as they arrive into the Flat.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Chinese Stick Men

Originally, they would have been buried with the dead and with replica clothes... over time these would have rotted away.. along with their wooden arms. Note that they are anatomically correct! Still they are a striking presence in this Chelsea Bathroom.

More guardian figures.. and quite fierce.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Sunday Night in the Bathroom

It started with this recent purchase... I found it in Bikaner in Rajasthan - its an old Haveli Window, painted with Italianate Castle.. Just had to buy it and lug it back London. At about 8.30 pm, the hammer and nails came out.. Sorry neighbours (I live in a flat). Fixed. But that meant moving some of the others around...

Always loved boats and the water.

The complete picture, after a frentic 45 minutes of re-arranging.

Also mean I could hang this little beauty that I picked up years ago when Mr Jones and I went for a walk between Rapallo and Santa Magherita Ligure (Ligurian Coast, Italy). I love the light blue frame.

These guys I could not resist - found them yesterday on Portabello Road. Possibly 19th Century and European despite the Indian outfits. Still they add some zest to the bathroom.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Vintage Bags & Clothes

Loving the Gold against the grey 70s sofa.

I have always thought Vintage has a particular charm and of course individuality.. in anycase a dear friend of mine has just lauched a Vintage & Retro Clothes & Accessories business and borrowed my 1930s Singer Dummy.. I like how it wears the dress! Normally it sits in the corner of the room in its "nude" state.

And how about a button clutch... again the colours against the grey. I love grey as a colour. So much depth..