Sunday, 1 November 2009

Vintage Bags & Clothes

Loving the Gold against the grey 70s sofa.

I have always thought Vintage has a particular charm and of course individuality.. in anycase a dear friend of mine has just lauched a Vintage & Retro Clothes & Accessories business and borrowed my 1930s Singer Dummy.. I like how it wears the dress! Normally it sits in the corner of the room in its "nude" state.

And how about a button clutch... again the colours against the grey. I love grey as a colour. So much depth..


  1. Hey

    Nice to meet you the other week. Nice blog too.

    Could you tell me the name of the hotel in Rajasthan please? Thinking of going there next year and this place looks lovely.

  2. Hey Pop tart - have a look at the other group blog (that I also contribute to) - there are a few places in Rajathan there. Not sure the one in Bikaner is posted BUT we should meet for a coffee and I will show you the photos.

    Btw if you want to write for Mr Jones... ( let me know.. always on the look out for cool reviewers of restos, bars and hotels.

  3. The button clutch is adorable!

  4. Belated reply Mr Jones...I do like your group blog. Yes to coffee sometime soon. We could chat about potential reviewing then.