Monday, 16 November 2009

Chinese Stick Men

Originally, they would have been buried with the dead and with replica clothes... over time these would have rotted away.. along with their wooden arms. Note that they are anatomically correct! Still they are a striking presence in this Chelsea Bathroom.

More guardian figures.. and quite fierce.


  1. Are they very old?

  2. The 'stick men' are Han dynasty, and thus about 2000 years old, but with remarkably individual and alert features for all their antiquitiy. The tomb guardians are Tang dynasty, and thus not quite so venerable and made about 500 years later! The dancer on the wooden step platform is also Han dynasty.

  3. How remarquable they are! Also interesting to read what 2nd Anonymous had to say about them. Shame about their arms missing..

  4. Hi Isabelle - they are wonderful, are'nt they. And to think how very old they are too.. I have a couple of smaller Northern Wei Dynasty figures.. must photograph them soon..