Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Sunday Night in the Bathroom

It started with this recent purchase... I found it in Bikaner in Rajasthan - its an old Haveli Window, painted with Italianate Castle.. Just had to buy it and lug it back London. At about 8.30 pm, the hammer and nails came out.. Sorry neighbours (I live in a flat). Fixed. But that meant moving some of the others around...

Always loved boats and the water.

The complete picture, after a frentic 45 minutes of re-arranging.

Also mean I could hang this little beauty that I picked up years ago when Mr Jones and I went for a walk between Rapallo and Santa Magherita Ligure (Ligurian Coast, Italy). I love the light blue frame.

These guys I could not resist - found them yesterday on Portabello Road. Possibly 19th Century and European despite the Indian outfits. Still they add some zest to the bathroom.


  1. Hello Mr Jones

    I enjoyed your previous post, pretty little buttons handbag. You have a lovely collection of paintings. Picture 3, the middle one I like very much! I bought a watercolour with ship on it at the weekend. Trying to decide where it should go now.
    I didn't go to the Golden Age Exhibition, very dissapointed! For some reason it just didn't work out.
    I've had a good look at your other blog, lots interesting restaurants out there. You travel a fair bit. The ones in India look fantastic! I know which restaurant you mean in Lyme, we were going to go there for lunch when we were there in the summer but my daughter really did not want any fish on that day so that was that!
    I like Bridport too, I'll be going there at the end of the month as it happens. I have not been to Eype Beach before, I shall have to have a little visit sometime.

  2. Hi Isabelle - that painting was done by a chap called Tom Young an artist friend. A view from Chelsea bridge towards Chelsea embankment. Its funny I bought it before I moved near there... funny kind of premonition.
    Travel and collecting are my passions.. hence I guess both these blogs. The other ( is a bit of a group effort.. (so if you want to contribute from the South West... let me know!! ) that said recently its just been me. Speaking of bridport - I bought the most beautiful silver spoon with enamel painting of bananas on it.. made to comemorate the biggest banana shipment to UK from Limon.. I LOVED Bridport and the area around it.. must go back next spring. You must check out Eype and Hix in Lyme (speaking of which I finally finished the French Leuitenent's woman... not sure I bought into it. The author was trying to be too damn clever) still so evocative. Ans speak of Lyme, there is an artist lady with a shop (she did the drawings of a kids book... I forget which) and its funny we walked in and were looking around and she just said out of the blue - "you are from London... " We must have stuck out.. :-)
    Speaking of Travel - I love Brussels!! Its awesome for antiques!

  3. I love that fish picture. Actually I love the whole wall filled with pictures, looks great.