Sunday, 21 February 2010

Shop Fronts..

I hate to admit this.. but I quite admired this shop front .. Can you work it out? Its floor to ceiling with old Singer sowing machines! Quite eye catching.. small problem is that this All Saints Store has ripped out the heart of Portbello Road and plonked itself there... gone are all the cool antique stores, the chance to find that rare treasure... the chance to browse and while few hours. Oh well there is a protest group on Facebook - DO SIGN UP and stop the rest of the street being taken over by chains!


  1. Hello Mr Jones

    It is a great window display, I thought it was very eye catching and imaginative when I saw it in their Bath shop. There are too many high street type shops everywhere...I only like CK, the rest I don't like! I wish we could go back to independant and individual shops. A good campaign, I hope they do well and succeed!


  2. Eekk... you mean they have the same one in Bath.. same window? Arrgghh